Autism and

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Boulder Community Health offers a transdisciplinary approach to the evaluation and treatment of children with autism spectrum disorders and related issues.  Our team includes occupational and physical therapists, speech-language pathologists, audiologists, a behavioral (ABA) therapist, case managers and a psychologist who work together to provide diagnostic evaluations and ongoing personal and group treatment.  In addition, we have consultative relationships with developmental pediatricians, dieticians, psychiatrists, and psychologists.
Experts estimate that 1 in 88 children will be diagnosed with autism, and males are four times as likely to have autism as females.  Boulder Community Health offers state-of-the-art evaluations, consultations and therapies for children on the autism spectrum.
Treatment is individualized for each child and emphasizes structure and routine in meeting goals.  Therapists work with families to create a specialized home program, and team members consult with other agencies and individuals working with the child to ensure a seamless and supportive approach.
Treatment focuses on establishing and improving communication, sensory-social routines, navigating daily activities and replacing unwanted behaviors with more functional responses.  Our experienced team uses a variety of therapies including sensory integration, neuro-developmental treatment, cranial sacral, cognitive behavior, fine and gross motor, speech/language, academic skills, attention training social skills, and applied behavioral analysis (ABA).
Obtaining Services

Rehabilitation services for autism are located at Boulder Community Hospital, 1100 Balsam Avenue (Balsam and Broadway), on the 2nd floor.  Click here for more detailed information about our evaluation process.  

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