Hand Hygiene Campaign

Health care associated infections are prevalent throughout the country. According to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), excellent hand hygiene practices, preferably using alcohol-based hand rubs, have been shown to minimize outbreaks of MRSA and to significantly reduce all infection rates.

The staff and volunteers at BCH pride themselves on ensuring that our patients are cared for in a safe environment. All areas of the hospital have been working diligently for some time to improve our already good rates of hand hygiene.  BCH has implemented a hospital-wide Hand Hygiene Campaign to focus attention on this important issue.  Dispensers with alcohol-based hand hygiene solution have been installed inside and outside every patient room and in all public areas.

We have developed a special educational module related to hygiene and infections that all patient-care employees are required to complete.

Friends and family who are visiting hospital patients are a potential source of infection. We're encouraging hospital visitors to join in our hygiene campaign through large posters installed in public elevators in all of our hospitals.

To see the hygiene campaign posters, Click Here.

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