BCH Excels in National Study of Hospital Safety

#1 in Colorado

Click here to read the Daily Camera report about local results from an annual national study.


Safe Care Goals

Our efforts to deliver safe, high-quality patient care reach beyond meeting external benchmarks and participation with national programs. We know that with the appropriate procedures in place, incidents of preventable death and harm can be minimized. Through internal analysis, as well as recommendations from organizations such as the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, we’ve taken a proactive approach and identified key areas to monitor. These include (among others): adverse reactions to drugs, surgical complications and hospital-associated infections. We are actively compiling statistics and compliance scores to help us determine the optimal way to address important safety concerns.

Most importantly, we want to assure that our patients’ physical and emotional needs are met at all times. We conduct inpatient and outpatient satisfaction surveys to help monitor and evaluate our practices. Using these results gives us another mechanism with which to gauge our performance and determine how to enhance our patient-centered care.

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