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Online Accounts General Policies and Security

Boulder Community Hospital is committed to providing you with the highest possible level of security.

When registering for an account from our website, you should be aware of these policies:

1. We recommend not sharing your user name and password with anyone.

2. Sometimes a medical situation may require you to share your name and password with someone.  If you do share this information, please advise that person that he/she will be asked for his/her name and social security number if he/she uses any forms or subscriber services on the website on your behalf.

3. When you log in and use any of the tools we offer, you are requesting that service be transacted online. You will be asked to confirm an electronic signature by checking off your consent at the conclusion of each transaction.

4. If someone else transmits for you, their electronic signature will also serve as legally binding on your behalf.

Record Keeping

1. Your medical information is considered private and confidential and will never be shared for any reason.

2. For your security, your credit card information is deleted from our system at the completion of every transaction. For example, at the end of a class session or after an event has occurred. You will be asked to   re-enter a card number and identifying information for each transaction.

3. Any medical information that you provide to us is deleted every six months from your online web account. (Such information will be kept in your medical record in a highly secure environment, excepting appointment requests, which
are deleted after six months). When using our online services, you may be asked to re-submit some medical information.

4. Your non-medical personal information (street address, family contacts, classes for which you’ve registered, volunteer applications, etc.) may be deleted once per year if the account has not been used for at least six mnths, UNLESS YOU REQUEST THAT WE KEEP IT.

If you would like us to keep your personal, non-medical information until you inform us to delete it, please send an email to

Thank You.

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