MyBCH Online Service

MyBCH lets you manage your health and stay connected to your personal Care Team. This service is available free of charge to established patients of Boulder Community Hospital's owned-and-operated Live Better primary care physician clinics.

To create a MyBCH account:

Please follow these steps to register for a MyBCH account:

  1. Contact your clinic by phone and verify your preferred email address.
  2. An invitation to join MyBCH will be emailed to you.
  3. Click on the link provided in the email to set up your account.

Have a MyBCH account? Click here to login.

Have questions? Click here for a list of frequently asked questions or email us at

Not sure if your provider is at a BCH clinic? Click on the links here for a list of our family medicine clinics and internal medicine clinics to see if your provider is listed at one of our Live Better locations.

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