Family Centered Care 

Bunk with Your Youngster

We know having family around is important to a child, so we welcome you to stay here and help us take care of your child.  To make your stay more comfortable, every private room has the comforts of a hotel:

  • Full bed. Sleep comfortably in a pullout bed.
  • Refrigerator. Keep your family’s favorites snacks and drinks right in your room.
  • Room service. Order nutritious meals and snacks off of our kid-friendly menu and charge the meals to your credit card. 
  • Bathtub. If part of your daily routine is giving your child a bath, keep that comforting habit going while you’re here. 
    VCR & DVD player. Bring your favorite movies with you. 
  • Blow dryer. Enjoy one of the amenities of home.
  • Internet access. If you need to check e-mail or connect with work, do it right from your child’s room.
  • Call-out box: Linger as long as you like.
  • Camp Hestanove has open visiting hours, so you can come and go as you please. 

Helping Your Family Feel Safe

Your child will recover faster, and you’ll worry less, if your family feels physically and emotionally safe.  We’ve taken a couple extra steps to meet that concern.

  • Quick response.  Camp Hestanove has an advanced nurse call system. Pressing a bedside button instantly signals your nurse’s pager. If an equipment alarm goes off, the system automatically pages the nurse.
  • Out of sight nursing. Even though our nurses are immediately available when you need them, they perform a lot of their work within a nurses’ corridor. Intimidating nursing activities, such as medication preparation or blood transportation, are hidden from view.

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