Fact Sheet

Camp Hestanove Pediatrics Unit
Foothills Hospital

General Information

  • All pediatric services are now located on the second floor of the new Foothills Hospital.
  • 8 dedicated pediatric beds: 8 private rooms with in-room sleeping for parents.
  • Goal:  To provide ultra-modern pediatric care in a child- and family-friendly setting:
  • State-of-the-art equipment to ensure patient health, safety, and security.
  • Kid-friendly activities within a summer camp setting to help distract children from their illnesses.
  • Family-centered care to ensure family members are partners in medical care and decision-making.
  • Home-like amenities for convenience and comfort.

This is a dedicated Pediatrics Unit:  For over a decade, BCH has offered the community a dedicated Pediatrics Unit, helping to deliver efficient care and better patient outcomes. As a dedicated Pediatrics Unit we possess a good understanding of children’s needs. We deliver health care in an age-appropriate way.

We outfit the unit with specialized pediatric technologies and resources and we staff the unit with professionals dedicated exclusively to and specially chosen for providing care to infants, children, and adolescents.

Facts & Figures

  • Approximately 36,000 pediatric patients treated annually, with more than 2,000 annual inpatient admissions.
  • 80% of our pediatric patients come from Boulder County, with nearly a quarter of these drawn from Louisville and Lafayette.
  • Nearly 20 pediatricians affiliated with the unit.
  • 15 -18 experienced pediatric nurses, all with Pediatric Advanced Life Support  (PALS) certification.
  • The top diagnoses for admission: accidental injuries and respiratory disorders.
  • Pediatric Unit is 3,373 sq. ft.; each room is 268 sq. ft. -- spacious with cheerful, wonderful views.

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