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Clinical Quality in a Family Atmosphere

Staying in the hospital can be frightening for sick or injured kids, and their worried parents.  We’ve designed the Pediatrics Unit of Boulder Community Foothills Hospital to provide state-of-the-art medical care within a family-friendly environment filled with homelike comforts. 

Our eight-bed Pediatrics Unit is a dedicated Pediatrics Unit, meaning it’s a separate area just for kids. As a dedicated Pediatrics Unit, we’re outfitted with specialized pediatric equipment and technology. Also, our staff members have been specially chosen for their experience in providing care to children. We all have a good understanding of children’s needs and deliver health care in an age-appropriate way.

Developmentally Supportive Care

You know your child is a unique individual.  We know that, too.

We also know we can make recovery from an illness or injury quicker and easier by responding to your child’s special concerns and interests.  We call this philosophy developmentally supportive care.

We want our toddlers and adolescents to consider their hospital room a safe haven used for resting and playing with family and friends.  So when it’s time for treatment, from drawing blood to taking blood pressure readings, we take children out of their rooms and into a designated treatment room. By keeping treatments in a special room, the children’s own rooms remain safe and comforting.

We keep medical equipment that’s not in use tucked out of sight. You won’t find carts sitting in the hallway with needles, masks or other frightening medical devices. Equipment is hidden away behind cabinet doors.

We offer a host of fun activities for kids to enjoy as they start feeling better, including:

  • Nintendo fun centers. Nintendo entertainment units roll right into your child’s room, providing hours of distraction.

  • Games. Kids can check out games from the play area and take them back to their rooms.

  • Coloring. Every room has a pail of crayons.

  • TV, VCR, DVD.  Kids can bring along and watch their favorite movies.

  • Internet access. Bring in a laptop, and let your child hook up to some favorite Internet sites

Stay Close While Your Child is Sleeping

When your child is sleeping and you want to take a break, but not be too far away, you can head off through the hospital with an in-house pager in hand.

Head down to the coffee kiosk for a quick espresso or step out on a balcony for some fresh air and enjoy a superb view of the Flatirons. Better yet, run downstairs to pick up some medical material from the first-floor Health Resource Center.

And when your camper wakes up, we’ll page you.

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