About Camp Hestanove 

Why We Call It Camp Hestanove.

As you can see, we have a summer camp theme. We wanted to create a friendly setting so kids and family feel a little less frightened about being here.

Hestanove is a Cheyenne word that translates Community.

For our summer camp theme, we designed the front of the rooms to look like the outside of a cabin. Every room has its own colored welcome mat.  That should help kids find the way back to their rooms. Every room also has a mailbox. It’s sometimes hard for us to get kids out of bed after they’ve had surgery.  But we think our future patients will be very motivated to walk out to their mailbox to see what letters have arrived.

A Tour of the Campgrounds

We’ve incorporated a unique summer camp theme in our decor.  As your child feels better, your family can explore Camp Hestanove together.

Eight camp rooms with cabin accents. 

As you walk through Camp Hestanove, eight private rooms, all with cabin facades, surround you. Their doorways look like cabin fronts, with whitewashed doors and rustic shingling.

Inside the camp rooms, the sun’s rays stream through large windows, framing impressive views of the Flatirons. The rooms are cozy, bright, and alive with kid-friendly fabrics and cabin accents.

A path to find the way back. 

A path in the center of Camp Hestanove helps kids find the way back to their rooms, which are marked by one-of-a-kind, brightly-colored welcome mats.

A place for kids to play. A place for parents to stay. 

Walk to the end of the campground, and you’ll find a mood-lifting playroom. It’s chock-full of things for kids to do—toys, books, and games. It’s also a comfortable area for parents to sit and read the newspaper, have a cup of coffee, make some phone calls, or hook up a laptop to the Internet.

A special sky to explore.  Look up at the playroom’s ceiling where a unique “skylight” creates a sun-filled or moonlit room, depending upon the time of day. Our sun gets brighter and brighter as the day goes on. And when it gets dark outside, you can see our moon come up

Camp Food, Kids’ Style

Camp Hestanove serves kid-style foods, such as hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, pizza, and even spaghetti without the sauce, because we know kids like it like that.  Choose what and when your child eats, even the portion size, making for big smiles and happy campers.

The Whole Family 

At Camp Hestanove, we provide family-centered care, meaning family members are partners in the decision making for their child’s medical care. Our goal is to put the family “in the middle.”

We know a lot of parents are reluctant to leave younger children alone overnight.  We expect and encourage family to stay here. And we’ve taken some steps to make family more comfortable –

  • We have couches that fold open for mom or dad to sleep in.
  • Family can order meals and snacks off of our menu, and then charge the meals to the room.  
  • Over here, in the work area, we have a connection for dial-up Internet access.
  • If you need to check e-mail or connect with work, you can do it right from your child’s room.
  • In the bathroom there’s a bathtub.  That might seem like a small thing, but most young kids don’t like showers.  We chose tubs with these nice big lips, so mom or dad can sit right here while the child takes a bath.

We also have many activities within the room to help distract children from their illnesses.

  • Nintendo entertainment units that roll into the rooms. 
  • A TV with VCR and DVD players.
  • And we’ll offer kids foods they’re accustomed to eating, such as hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, and pizza.

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