The Pilates Studio at Foothills

The Pilates Studio at Foothills offers group classes as well as private sessions.  Our certified Pilates instructors are physical therapists who have extensive training in functional anatomy and biomechanics.  Our instructors can offer a Pilates program tailored to your needs.

These classes are held at 4800 Riverbend Rd., Suite 100, across 48th street from Boulder Community Foothills Hospital.

Group Class:  Tuesday, 12:00-1:00 p.m.

Private Sessions:  To schedule a private session, call 720-854-7891.

Cost:          1 Class = $11
                   6 Class Punch Card = $63
                   1 Private Session = $65
                   6 Private Sessions = $300

To register, please call Jessica at 720-854-7891.



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