Q.  Can I order blood work on myself?

A.  Yes.You can order any laboratory test on yourself without a physician's order. You will be asked to pay for your lab services at the time your blood is drawn because insurance does not cover self-ordered tests.

Q.  Do I have to make an appointment for a blood draw?

A.  No. (For most tests.) Appointments are necessary for semen analysis and paternity testing.

Q.  Who will bill me for the lab tests?

A.  Depending upon what insurance you have, you will receive a bill from either Boulder Community Health Laboratory or Carent. You may also receive a separate bill from Boulder Valley Pathology, depending on services rendered.

Q.  What is considered fasting?

A.  Fasting is going without food or drink for 10-12 hours, but water is permitted. Check with your physician about any medications that you may be taking.

Q.  How long will it take for me to get my test results?

A.  While most routine testing is completed within 24-48 hours, some testing can take a week or more.  Please allow an additional 24-48 hours for your physician to review this information.

Q.  Who will get my results?

A.  Your results are sent to your ordering provider as soon as they are completed.

Q.  Where can I donate blood?

A.  Belle Bonfils

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