Our Grassroots Beginnings

Boulder Community Health is internationally recognized as an environmental leader in the health care field.

In 2006, BCH was awarded the Environmental Leadership Award by Hospitals for a Healthy Environment, the latest recognition of our longstanding commitment to be an environmentally responsive citizen of the Boulder Valley.

Beginning with a group of concerned citizens — doctors, nurses, janitors, cafeteria workers — BCH began informally reducing, reusing and recycling more than a decade ago.

This original effort came naturally for employees who viewed a clean environment as an important element in wellness. Over the years, those voluntary activities and informal programs became part of our hospital culture. Then our hospital’s administrators and Board of Directors began to take action. With official policies in place, the commitment and dedication of our employees grew rapidly. Today, Boulder Community Hospital has a wide-ranging Environmental Impact Program that helps us stay focused on being an environmentally conscious hospital.

In 1995 the hospital Board of Directors adopted a Statement of Principles to further guide us in our environmental efforts. It calls for commitments such as implementing methodologies that limit the use of non-renewable resources, striving to eliminate emissions of toxic or dangerous substances into the air, water and earth, and encouraging the use of transportation alternatives to the private automobile.

Today, Boulder Community Health employs a paid sustainability coordinator to help identify new ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle, and our efforts to protect and preserve the environment are evident in every department in our hospital.

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