Identify potential heart problems earlier. A HeartScan is a safe, painless and fast method for assessing your heart health by measuring the calcium (plaque) level in your coronary arteries. Measuring plaque has proven to be a good predictor of future heart problems.

Early detection of heart problems is vital, because the progression of coronary disease can be slowed or reversed by proper medical management and lifestyle changes.

A HeartScan is appropriate for individuals with risk factors for heart disease, as well as those who want reassurance about their personal health.

BCH HeartScans are reviewed by board-certified radiologists and a written report will be mailed within 48 hours. If your scan indicates a problem, a radiologist will call you or your physician.

A HeartScan takes only 30 minutes.

New low price: $175.

To schedule your HeartScan, call 303-415-5170.

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