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The BCH Heritage Society

Boulder Community Health has been a community-owned and governed, non-profit health system since 1922. Our community-owned and community-governed non-profit health care system is noted for providing state-of-the-art healthcare services for all with dignity and compassion. Over the years, visionaries with a passion for our mission have made gifts in their wills and estate plans to Boulder Community Health Foundation (a 501(c)(3) non profit corporation) so we might provide state-of-the art healthcare for all with dignity and compassion.

The future of healthcare promises to be both exciting and challenging. Breakthroughs in research and technology will extend lives while high costs and the managed care environment will continue to leave many without appropriate healthcare coverage. Consequently, planned gifts are vital to meet the challenges of the future. Your gift will allow us to provide the quality, caring patient experience we are known for, as well as continuing our specialized outreach programs and various "centers of excellence."

The BCH Heritage Society (over 200 strong!) proudly honors, recognizes and thanks those who let us know that they have included BCH Foundation in their estate plans. Membership is in perpetuity and while we welcome the opportunity to publicly recognize all members, your request for anonymity will be honored. Each Heritage Society member receives an attractive memento symbolizing their affiliation and dedication to Boulder Community Health and is invited to periodic special "insider" events.

Types of Gifts:

Bequests - A simple bequest is the most common way to make a gift through your estate plan. You can provide for our Community Hospital with a gift of a specific dollar amount, property, percentage of your estate, or what is left after providing for your loved ones. You may also specify an area or program BCH offers that is near and dear to you as the beneficiary of your generosity. Your advisor will advise you on whether it is necessary to re-write your will or whether a simple codicil will suffice.

Life Insurance or Retirement Plans- Another straightforward and popular gift to your Community health system results from naming the BCH Foundation as the beneficiary of an insurance policy on your life. You might also name the Foundation as beneficiary of your retirement account (IRA, Keough, 401(k)) or pension fund.

Other Planned Gifts- Your advisor and our staff also would be pleased to discuss gifts of appreciated stock, various charitable trusts, and charitable annuities. Many gift choices are available, some of which might have the added benefit of saving you taxes.

Named Endowments - Honoring an individual or family provides perpetuity of your values by being associated with the healing mission of Boulder Community Health forever. A named endowment fund may be established with a minimum gift of $25,000 and may be "reserved" for five years enabling the donor time to gift the qualifying amount.

Typically, named endowments match the interests of the named person with an area or service of BCH. We are flexible and innovative, some current areas of interest might include:

Endowments for medically indigent patients to provide services in areas such as pediatrics, mammography, emergency services, and cardiac care.

Endowments to provide perpetual support and enrichment for cancer patients and their families; to support specific programs to meet the unique needs of seniors; to provide scholarships and continuing education for hospital employees; or to enhance the development of radiation therapy service.

Examples of several existing endowments for which we are currently thankful include:

Leo Hill Endowment for Extraordinary Volunteer Service - Annually recognizes long-term BCH volunteers for their service and help to the Hospital and its patients.

Friend of Virginia Patterson Endowment – Provides parental training classes at our Family Birth Center.

Dwight Roberts Memorial Endowment - Sponsors scholarships for young people in need with cognitive or head and brain injuries enrolled in our Pediatric Rehabilitation Program.

Pat Shoemaker Family Endowment - Augments the Auxiliary’s scholarship program by providing support for employees and high school students pursuing an education in healthcare.

How To Give

Help preserve the quality of life in our beloved community by making a provision for Boulder Community Health today. Gifts should be in the legal name, Boulder Community Health Foundation. Our address is: P.O. Box 9019, Boulder, Colorado 80301-9019. Our Federal Tax ID is #84-0772664.

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