Boulder County’s Premier Trauma Center

BCH had the first Level II Trauma Center in Boulder County, which means we offer 24/7 access to sophisticated resources and specially trained physicians and nurses who can promptly treat severely injured patients.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, trauma is the third leading cause of death overall and kills more people between the ages of one and 44 than any disease.
Surviving a major injury and minimizing the chances of a serious disability depend on access to a coordinated system of experienced and highly trained trauma professionals. 

Trauma Team
Our specially-trained team of experts is ready around the clock to provide optimal treatment for lives in the balance.  This multi-disciplinary group includes trauma-trained surgeons, neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, anesthesiologists and emergency physicians, along with specially trained emergency department, operating room, intensive care and acute care nurses.  Our comprehensive program also incorporates specialists in physical and occupational therapy, respiratory therapy and rehabilitation, to ensure that all aspects of trauma patients’ needs are met during their initial emergency treatment, subsequent hospital stay, and long-term recovery.

Trauma Center Clinical Leadership

Charlie Jones, MD, Medical Director, Trauma Services

Todd Dorfman, MD, Associate Medical Director, Trauma Services 

Owen Ellis, MD, Anesthesiology

Richard Finer, MD, Radiology

Paul Lewis, MD, Chief Medical Officer, BCH

Michael Repine, MD, Orthopedics

David Shafer, MD, Neurosurgery

Alan Villavicencio, MD, Neurosurgery

Trauma Center Administrative Leadership

Holly Pedersen, RN, Director, Emergency and Trauma Services: 303-415-7636,

Joan Palen, RN, Trauma Program Manager: 303-415-7888,

Kristy Line-Glicksman, RN, Trauma Nursing Coordinator:

Chris Hendricks, ED/Trauma Educator:

Joshua Rubinsky, Trauma Coordinator: 303-415-7887,

Krista Furie, Trauma Coordinator: 303-415-7886, 

Deb Hopgood, EMS Coordinator, 303-415-7004, 

Mary Nozykowski, Trauma Injury Prevention/Outreach, 720-383-8647,

Trauma Center Physician Resources

At BCH, medical treatment for trauma patients is provided by an expansive and experienced team of medical specialists.

Emergency Medicine Specialists 
Martha Cabeen, MD
Todd Dorfman, MD
Kim Feldhaus, MD
David Kruger, MD
Debbie Lund, MD
Lock McCollester, MD
Tim Meyers, MD
Mark Moeller, MD
Jason Rozeski, MD
Shannon Sovndal, MD
Dale Wang, MD
Dave Whitling, MD

Kara Beasley, DO
Alexander Mason, MD
Lee Nelson, MD
Sharad Rajpal, MD
David Shafer, MD
Alan T. Villavicencio, MD

Orthopedic Surgeons –  this information will be added in the near future.

Trauma Surgeons

Richard Fox, MD
Susan Skaff Hagen, MD
Stephen Johs, MD
Charles Jones, MD
Ross M. Leibovitz, MD
Christopher Pohlman, MD
Sandra Taylor, MD


Jose Angel, M.D.
Richard Caffrey, M.D.
Peter Castro, M.D.
Thomas Chalmers, M.D.
Sophia De Goes, M.D.
Avi Dhaliwal, M.D.
Owen Ellis, M.D.
Brian Gebhardt, M.D.
Richard Gildersleeve, M.D.
Blake Hillenbrand, D.O.
Stephen Layne, M.D.
Lynn Miller, M.D.
Kenyon Morrow, M.D.
Bogdan Murarescu, M.D.
Cristina Stoica, M.D.
Ted Warm, M.D.
Michael Zeligs, M.D.


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