da Vinci Hysterectomy Patient Stories

The following are testimonials given by patients who had a hysterectomy with the da Vinci Surgical System:

Jane - Boulder, CO
HysterectomypatientI have been a dancer for my whole life and also do yoga.  When I was told by my doctor that I needed a hysterectomy, I was skeptical of having a traditional open procedure.  Years ago during my career as a dance instructor, I had knee surgery and the recovery time was lengthy.  I had to stop working and put my life on hold for several months.

At the time my doctor told me I needed a hysterectomy, I was no longer a dance instructor but I still couldn’t afford to take the time out for surgery.  Both my parents were very ill and I was juggling a lot of responsibilities.  So, even though I had extremely heavy bleeding and my fibroids were severely painful, I delayed the hysterectomy.

My condition was becoming unbearable and I couldn’t wait much longer to have surgery. I began researching alternatives to a traditional open hysterectomy and learned about the potential benefits of minimally invasive surgery with the da Vinci Surgical System.  With these benefits in mind, particularly the quicker recovery time, I decided to have a robotic-assisted hysterectomy at Boulder Community Hospital.

I was thrilled with the whole process.   I had surgery on a Monday.  I left the hospital Tuesday.  Unfortunately, my father died that Monday – the same day as my surgery.  Thankfully, by Thursday I was well enough to fly to Florida to be with my family.  It was amazing to me.

After two weeks, I was dancing again.  After a few weeks, I was completely back to normal.  I was truly surprised by what I could do within such a short time after surgery.  I have only minor scars. 

I would definitely recommend this route for any woman who may need a hysterectomy.

Cynthia - Broomfield, CO
When I found out that I needed a hysterectomy, the doctor said the traditional “open” procedure would likely mean 4-6 weeks of recovery, a 4-6” incision, and a few days’ stay in the hospital.  I’m not a big fan of conventional medicine and hospitals anyway, and I knew that this wasn’t for me. I put off the decision for a long time, but I eventually heard about the robotic surgery and decided to have a da Vinci hysterectomy.

I stayed one night in the hospital (for observation, due to the complexity of my case), went home the next day and was up and around in two days. And I was pretty much back to my normal routine after two weeks! Lastly, one great bonus is that the incisions were so tiny that now there are just four ½” scars that are hardly noticeable.

In contrast, a friend of mine had an “open” hysterectomy around the same time that I had the robotic procedure. She was in the hospital for a few days, then home for six weeks after that. Worse, she suffered with an ongoing infection along the incision site, which kept her on medications and in discomfort for months afterward.

This robotic surgery has truly been a life-saver. If it hadn’t been available, I’d still be suffering with my health issues instead of enjoying my life to the fullest. I believe robotic surgery should be standard procedure for all hysterectomies.

I’m very grateful that having the robotic surgery option made this tough decision a real “no-brainer.” My advice to anyone worrying about this surgery: Don’t agonize any longer. Schedule a robotic procedure and then you can get on with your life!   

Nancy - Boulder, CO
I had a robotic hysterectomy for endometriosis and it changed my life.  For 25 years, I had endured the pain of my condition because I did not want to have surgery.  I am a nurse myself and have taken care of many patients who had traditional “open” hysterectomy surgery.  I knew very well that having an open hysterectomy would put me out of commission for at least six weeks.  But my condition became so severe that I really needed to do something.  After extensive research, I chose to have a robotic hysterectomy.

My entire experience was vastly different from all of those patients and friends of mine who underwent traditional hysterectomy surgery.  I was amazed how little pain I felt. 

Best of all, I was even able to go home the same day as my surgery!  I had my surgery at 1 pm, went to recovery at 4 pm and was discharged that evening.  I went home, ate dinner and slept comfortably in my own bed.  It was incredible.

Within three days of surgery, I was physically able to go back to work (although I waited two weeks).  Within three weeks of surgery, I was playing sports.  I can barely see my scar.

Becky - Boulder, CO
I had been aware of da Vinci surgery prior to my procedure.  My brother-in-law had very successful robotic surgery for prostate cancer.  His results were positive and I was comfortable trying the same technique for myself.

I planned in advance to go home the next day after my surgery, although based on how I felt, I definitely could have gone home the same day!  I felt very little pain post surgery.   I didn’t even need to use the pain killers that were prescribed.

I took two weeks off from work to be on the safe side, but after going through it all, I could have gone back after one week.  It was amazing.







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