Mapleton Warm Water Therapy Pool

The hospital's warm water therapy pool is located at the Mapleton Center, 311 Mapleton Avenue, Boulder.
CLICK HERE for directions. 

The Mapleton Therapy Pool is kept at 92 to 93 degrees so you can enjoy the benefits of warm water exercise.  We offer a variety of adult classes, both for therapy and for general fitness.  There are also times available for open swim.

Locker rooms are available, including one family change room, and lockers are provided in each.  You need to bring your own suit and towel.

If you need assistance using the pool you may bring someone to help you at no extra charge.  If you would like assistance in finding a volunteer helper to work with you in the pool, please contact Volunteer Services at

For more information call the pool at (303) 441-0542.

Important Pool Information:

Important information, such as pool closures or class cancellations, will be posted here and updated as frequently as possible.     

  • Not sure if one of our aqua fitness classes would be right for you? Try for yourself, your first class is FREE!  Just show up for any of our drop-in aqua fitness classes and let us know that it's your first class,
    it's that easy! 
    Click here for class descriptions and times.  

Open Swim

The Mapleton Therapy Pool offers open swim times for anyone over 18 years of age, or under the age of 2 (with an adult).

Open Swim Rates:

  • Single Visit:
    (18 to 59 years): $9.50
    Seniors (60 and over): $7.00
  • 15 Visit Punch Cards:
    (18 to 59 years): $132
    Seniors (60 and over): $95








Holiday Closures:

4th of July
Labor Day, September 1
Thanksgiving, November 27
Christmas, December 25
New Year's, January 1, 2015


Open Swim Hours:

 Day  Morning  Afternoon
 Monday  8 - 9:30am  4pm - 6pm
 Tuesday  7:30 - 9am  12 - 1:30pm
 Wednesday   closed  closed
 Thursday  7:30 - 9am  12 - 1:30pm
 Friday  8 - 9:30am  4pm - 6pm
 Weekend  None None 









Hours subject to change without notice.

*The Therapy Pool is provided to patients working with a therapist or in a class.  These individuals have priority for space and equipment.  Individuals disruptive to a therapeutic environment may be asked to leave the pool.                           Thank you for your consideration.


Therapeutic Aquatic Classes

CLICK HERE to view Therapeutic Aquatic classes  offered for multiple patient groups, including those with cancer, back pain or neurological conditions.  

All therapeutic aquatic classes are taught by a physical therapist, and pre-registration is required.  To register for a class, or to see detailed class information - including class descriptions, times, and fees - please CLICK HERE.

For more information, call (303) 441-0493.


General Aquatic Fitness Classes

The following aquatic fitness classes are offered at the Mapleton Warm Water Therapy Pool.  All general aquatic fitness classes are on-going and drop in only, there is no pre-registration.

Drop in Class Rates:

  • Single Class: *First class is FREE!
    Adults (18 to 59 years): $10.75
    Seniors (60 and over): $7.75 
  • 12 Class Punch Cards:
    Adults (18 to 59 years): $120
    Seniors (60 and over): $80







Class Descriptions and Times:

Arthritis Aquatic Class:
A shallow water aerobics class focused on education, strengthening and stretching for those with arthritis and other low intensity exercise needs. 

Monday/Friday - 10:30am-11:20am

Aqua Fitness:
A versatile class that adds aerobic exercise to the strength-based program.  This class is designed to adapt to your pace for people of all ages an abilities.  

Monday/Friday - 11:30am-12:30pm












 For more information, call (303) 441-0542.

Children's Swim Lessons

The Mapleton Therapy Pool does not currently offer any children's swim lessons. 


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