Learn the Healing Art of Infant Massage -
A Class for Parents, Caregivers, Family Members and Expectant Parents

Learn about the importance of touch and its benefits for caregiver and baby. If taken while you are pregnant, you can use one of our dolls to learn the techniques of relaxation and system stimulation (i.e., respiratory, circulatory, nervous, muscular and gastrointestinal). If taken with your baby, you will practice these techniques with eye-to-eye contact while bonding, communicating and having fun. You will also learn how to adapt the massage techniques to your baby's play, digestion, gas, congestion, teething and developemental movement stages. Your instructor is Infant Massage Certified, and is also a Registered Nurse.

To register on-line, go to Childbirth and Parenting Classes and scroll down to the section on Infant Massage.
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