Boulder Community Health Culture

A Culture That Brings Out Your Best

Boulder Community Health supports and promotes ongoing learning and career development for every clinical and non-clinical employee. Whether you're interested in exploring something new, gaining greater expertise in your present area, or specializing, we encourage you to take classes and pursue your goals. BCH nurses have excellent opportunities to learn from and work closely with our attending physicians.

Stable Environment

Founded in 1922 as a community-owned and operated not-for-profit hospital, Boulder Community Health is dedicated to meeting the evolving healthcare needs of our citizens and providing access to high quality medical care. Our stable work environment is a direct result of local governance and solid financial performance.

High Employee Morale

The hospital fosters a family-like atmosphere. We work to maintain an environment where employees feel respected and supported and where teamwork is prized.

  • Employee satisfaction is high - 22% of our 2,300 employees have worked at BCH for10 years or more

Patient Care Top Priority

The majority of our patients rate their care as excellent. The Jackson Organization, a Maryland-based national research firm, named BCH to its "honor roll" of hospitals that have overall outstanding patient satisfaction scores. This achievement is a tribute to our employees' efforts to provide the best possible care.

Good Physician Rapport

BCH serves as a teaching hospital for nursing students but not for interns or residents, so our nurses have close relationships with attending physicians.

Career Growth

Nurses and technologists have the opportunity to concentrate their practice in one of the many clinical specialty areas or to expand their experience among several specialties. The hospital promotes career growth for all staff, both clinical and non-clinical. Employees interested in exploring new areas are urged to take classes offered by the hospital, and transfers within the hospital are encouraged.

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