Educational Opportunities

  • Boulder Community Hospital encourages continuing education for both clinical and non-clinical staff. The hospital offers tuition reimbursement up to a maximum $2,000 a year for employees to further their careers within the hospital
  • The BCH Auxiliary awards scholarships up to $1,500 for employees to pursue studies in healthcare fields
  • Staff can conveniently prepare to move into new areas or update skills through hospital classes, such as ACLS, Basic EKG, 12-Lead EKG, neuroanatomy and foundations of management
  • Boulder Community has affiliations with several schools to accept students fulfilling their clinical rotations. Schools include Front Range Community College, University of  Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver Community College, University of North Colorado and Regis University, among others
  • A course is available for novice perioperative nurses to help them learn to function competently and according to hospital and AORN perioperative standards
  • ICU nurses can attend a small, monthly group for extensive training in neurology. This year-long training includes hands-on experience as well as class time
  • Inservices and classes are offered throughout the year for staff to improve their skills and knowledge. For example, ICU nurses may take a CCRN review course, or those in neuro may take classes to become CNRN certified.


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