Cardiac Care Physicians

Our heart specialists include experienced board certified cardiologists, invasive cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons:

Cardiologists are physicians who specialize in diagnosing and treating heart disease and hypertension. They perform non-invasive tests such as echocardiograms, stress tests and nuclear medicine imaging of the heart to help determine if you have heart problems.

  • Invasive cardiologists perform procedures such as cardiac catheterizations and balloon angioplasty to diagnose and open blocked coronary arteries.
  • Cardiothoracic surgeons, also called cardiovascular surgeons, specialize in operating on the heart and blood vessels to repair heart abnormalities, bypass blocked coronary arteries, or repair or replace defective heart valves.

The following specialists provide services at BCH:

Cardiovascular Surgeon

Boulder Heart at Anderson Medical Center

4743 Arapahoe Avenue
Suite 200
Boulder, CO 80302

Bryan Mahan, D.O.

Terry Embaugh, PA-C

Anna Roe, PA-C


Boulder Heart at Anderson Medical Center

4743 Arapahoe Avenue
Suite 201
Boulder, CO 80303


Scott Blois, M.D. (Heart failure specialist)

Jamie J. Doucet, M.D.

John R. McNeil, M.D.

Sameer Oza, M.D. (Electrophysiologist)

Bryan J. Reynolds, M.D.

Charles P. Rogers, M.D.

John A. Schutz, M.D.

Jignesh S. Shah, M.D. (Electrophysiologist)

Roy W. Thompson, M.D.

Nelson P. Trujillo, M.D.

Molly G. Ware, M.D.

Daniel S. White, M.D.

Moni Banerjee, PA-C

Melinda Hofferber, NP-C

Kara Rao, PA-C

Dean Springstead, FNP 

Anne Waugaman, NP-C


Boulder Heart at Community Medical Center

1000 W. South Boulder Road, Suite 216
Lafayette, CO 80026


Boulder Heart at Longmont

2101 Ken Pratt Blvd., Suite 104
Longmont, CO 80501


Boulder Medical Center/Cardiology

2750 Broadway
Boulder CO 80304


Matthew R. Holland, M.D.

Brian Lyle, M.D.

Zach Kahn, PA-C

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